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What’s New in Kubernetes v1.22?

Kubernetes v1.22 is a new feature release that adds over 50 improvements to the container orchestration platform. It also deprecates some capabilities and removes several APIs that have been superseded by replacement versions.

What Is SQLite and Why Is It So Popular?

SQLite is a relational database that’s compatible with SQL. Unlike other SQL-based systems such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, SQLite doesn’t use a client-server architecture. The whole program is contained in a C library, which gets embedded into applications. The database becomes an integral part of the program, eliminating resource-intensive standalone processes.

What Does Cloud Native Actually Mean?

Cloud Native applications utilize the benefits of modern cloud infrastructure components to facilitate quick scalable deployments. A “cloud native” system is created from the combination of several independent attributes. It will have high levels of automation and dependency decoupling, resulting in superior resilience to change due to code releases and environment upgrades.

How to Run Your Own Kubernetes Cluster With MicroK8s

MicroK8s is a lightweight single-package Kubernetes distribution developed by Canonical, best known for the Ubuntu operating system. MicroK8s follows upstream Kubernetes releases and focuses on providing an effortless installation and management experience. Here’s how to get started running your own cluster.
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