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7 Docker Anti-Patterns You Need to Avoid

Docker has transformed software development with its simple model of containerization that lets you rapidly package workloads into reproducible units. While Docker’s easy to get to grips with, there’s more nuance to its usage than is always apparent. This is especially true when you’re looking to optimize your Docker usage to increase efficiency and performance.

How to Create Your Own Docker Base Images From “Scratch”

Docker images are created from a Dockerfile that defines a base image and a series of instructions that add your own filesystem layers. What happens if you want to make your own “base image” though? Here’s how to start from scratch and create a complete container filesystem from the ground up.

Kubernetes vs Docker Swarm: Which Should You Use?

Kubernetes and Docker’s Swarm mode are two container orchestration tools that let you scale workload replicas across multiple physical machines. Although Kubernetes is the more popular choice, Docker Swarm has some unique benefits that are worth considering too.
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