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How to Work With JSON in PHP

JSON is one of the most commonly used data serialization formats. It’s grown from its origins within JavaScript (JSON means JavaScript Object Notation) to become the format of choice for many web APIs and configuration systems.

How to Use printf in Bash

Text formatting is an interesting topic, especially when it comes to Bash. Whilst there are many tools for text formatting, printf is unique and universal. Learn all about printf in Bash to format your text just the right way!

What is Semantic Versioning?

Semantic versioning is a formal convention for determining the version number of new software releases. The standard helps software users to understand the severity of changes in each new distribution.

Cyberattacks to Watch Out For In 2021

Forewarned is forearmed. The threat landscape is always evolving. The threat actors don’t sit still for long. . Here are some trends and developing cyberattack threats that you should be aware of in 2021.

How to Conduct Code Reviews with GitLab’s Merge Requests

GitLab’s Merge Requests are your chance to review code before it enters your project’s main branch. A Merge Request (MR) is a wrapper around a git merge operation that’s accessible within the GitLab web UI. Once you’ve reviewed your code, you can initiate the merge with a single click. Adopting an MR-driven workflow helps you guarantee code quality by creating an expectation that all commits are thoroughly reviewed.

How to Use Cron With Your Docker Containers

Running background tasks on a schedule is a standard requirement of backend services. Getting setup used to be simple – you’d define your tasks in your server’s crontab and call it a day. Let’s look at how you can utilise cron while using Docker for deployment.

What Are Presentational and Container Components in React?

React has a component-based architecture that encourages you to split your codebase into reusable units of functionality. Not all components are created equal though. Let’s look at the differences between two common types, Presentational and Container (also known as “Stateful”) components.