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Five Ways a Non-Privileged User Account Can Own Your Network

A hacker can escalate privileges in a domain in many ways, and learning how they work is half the battle in reducing your attack surface. In this post, we’ll go through five ways that a non-privileged user (from now on only called “user”) can utilize to own your network and how you can protect yourself.

How to SSH from Your Smartphone

Smartphones these days pack more than enough power to run lightweight SSH clients, which enables you to connect to your VPS and fix important problems when you don’t have access to a laptop and WiFi.

How To Set Up a Personal Gitlab Server

If you need version control for your projects, want to host it yourself, but don’t want to use barebones git, you can set up a Gitlab server to store all of your code while providing easy access through a web interface.

How Do You Actually Use Regex?

Regex, short for regular expression, is often used in programming languages for matching patterns in strings, find and replace, input validation, and reformatting text. Learning how to properly use Regex can make working with text much easier.