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Using PSReadLine in PowerShell

PSReadLine is one of those modules that may not immediately show its utility until regular use. If you use the command-line of PowerShell often, PSReadLine can make your life much easier. Included in PowerShell versions as far back as Windows PowerShell 5, PSReadLine continues to add new features and utility. Building on the venerable legacy of GNU Readline in the Unix world, PSReadLine adds additional features to the PowerShell command-line experience such as multi-line editing, syntax coloring, predictive IntelliSense, richer history support, and alternative edit modes.

Scopes in PowerShell

In many programming languages, there is the concept of scope. Defined as what variables and functions are available in what context. An example is if a variable is available to every function within a PowerShell script, or just a single defined function. PowerShell Scopes encompass several different scopes that can be used such as Global, Local, or Script scopes.

How to Debug a PowerShell Script

Any script development usually requires troubleshooting which usually results in one of two approaches. Either manually setting variables to values and outputting that data when running the script, or utilizing debugging to set breakpoints to inspect data before continuing or aborting. Built-in to PowerShell ISE and to Visual Studio Code is the ability to perform debugging.

Why Cyber Criminals Love Cellphones

Safeguarding your data by protecting your computers? Great. Don’t forget the one in your pocket that you make calls on. Cellphone cybercrime figures increase every month. And that’s really no surprise.

Whats New At AWS reInvent 2020?

This week is AWS reInvent 2020, Amazon’s annual conference where they announce new products, services, and updates. We’ll discuss the most interesting news and what it means for the cloud computing industry.